Is iAgenda another version of QuickPlan?

No. iAgenda is for agenda schedule, QuickPlan is for project schedule. Please check out the difference.

What’s the best practice to create a agenda efficiently?

As the Quick Start video guides:

  • Input task name continuously -> Swipe left/right to update outline -> Pan taskbar on Gantt chart -> Double tap on task bar to update properties
  • Draft your tasks in email, and copy them to iAgenda (batch inputing)
  • Duplicate or import agendas.

How to backup?

  • Export your agendas to Box cloud , or Send by email, or Save to iTunes.
  • You can import agendas from Box, Email and iTunes later.

Task is not visible at Gantt Chart?

  • Double tap on Gantt chart, the task on the line you tapped will be moved to center and be selected.
  • Or select the task at left panel, the timebar of selected task will move to visible window.

How to quickly move the Gantt chart to CURRENT TIME?

Double tap on the timeline (the place datetime shows, at top of right panel).

How to quickly scroll the Gantt chart to TOP?

Double tap on the toolbar (at top of an opened iAgenda view).

How can I update the start time of whole agenda?

PAN left/right on the timeline (the place date time shows, at top of the Gantt Chart panel). Or long press on the timeline.

How to share agendas to other iPads?

  • Export to an agenda file, and share it via AirDrop.
  • Or export agenda to Box Cloud and import to other devices.
  • Or send agenda and open in email at other devices.
  • Or save to iTunes, copy to iTunes of other devices, then import from iTunes.

How to hide the left panel

Tap on the splitter button between left and right panels, left panel width will be changed to “maxmun width” -> “hide” -> “common width”

How to collapse the task groups?

  • Tap (one finger) on the triangle icon near a taskbar.
  • Tap wit TWO fingers together on the Gantt chart to collapse/expand same levels together.

Document Template?

Every agenda plan file can be a template – An agenda is a file. Tap the right-top corner on a document tile in the home view, then tap “Duplicate” to copy it to a new document.

Where are my documents stored?

We (iAgenda App Developer) have no server to store the user-generated iAgenda documents. The users own the iAgenda documents they created - A iAgenda document created by a user is stored on the Device of the user.

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